Mountaineering Guides and Experiences

Mt.Ugo (A Hike for a Cause and a Climb to Move On)

mt. ugo 2018

13 Reason Why to Hike Mt. Mabilog and Pandin Lake

Mt mabilog and Pandin Lake

Tarak Ridge Mariveles Bataan | Energy Gap Wedding Proposals

Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River  (Accomplished: January 2016)


Mt. Kalisungan and Bunga Falls Adventure (Accomplished: October 2015)

mt kalisungan

Mt. Pulag and the Majestic Sea of Clouds(Accomplished: April 2015)

mt pulag3

Pico de Loro Traverse Day Hike (Accomplished: February 2015)


Mt. Maculot Traverse Day Hike (Accomplished: January 2015)

mt maculot 3

Sierra Madre – Mt. Romelo (Buruwisan/Lanzones/Sapang Labo/Batya-Batya/Sampaloc Waterfalls) (Accomplished: January 2015)

mt romelo pic2

Mt. Talamitam (Accomplished: November 2014)

mt. talamitam

Mt. Fuji Adventure (Accomplished: August 2014)


Mt. Makiling (Accomplished: March 2014)


Mt. Pico de Loro (Accomplished: February 2014)

cover - pico de loro

Mt. Batulao (Accomplished: June 2014)


Future Hikes:

Mt. Gulugud Baboy

Mt. Daraitan

Mt. Ugo

Taal Volcano

Mt. Pinatubo

Mt. Marami

Mt. Cristobal

Tarak Ridge


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