Virtual Friend

My Virtual Friend

Do you ever had One Friend (a true friend) that you accidentally met through Social Media? Well, I did have. and It was one of the Best Thing that happened to me this Year.

I was browsing my Facebook when my Eyes were caught by her Picture Standing at the Top of the Mountain. I love Mountain because It was serene and I always had a feeling of enlightenment in each view I saw at the summit. And this feelings triggered me to click the Friend Request Button.

I waited.. for several Days.. Hours.. minutes.. seconds.
I waited.. then suddenly, One amazing morning, She finally accepted it. And I could not believe that I was smiling for the rest of the day.

The succeeding days were a new chapter which tried to unfold little by little – A friendship that blossomed virtually. Still, I couldn’t believe that thru the Bold Social Media, there would be such a True Friend you could really count on.

Today is her Birthday! Happy Birthday Virtual Friend!

Just for this moment, Can you Thank all of your Closest Friend Near, Far or Wherever they are…

A Virtual Hug and a Virtual Kiss could make a huge impact that would Last for a Lifetime.

Believe me it’s real!

God bless to you My Friend!


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